I found myself staring at the empty bottle of my Mom’s Luca Bossi’s “La Vie Est Belle” perfume she had got for her 50th birthday, and I remembered that I had only just saved an image that had the same French words in it.

“Life is beautiful,” that’s what it means…

Welcome to the last month of the year, Corner Buddies. Yes, I have been AWOL and I apologise for having left my beautiful readers with nothing, but I’m hoping you’d stick around to find out why.

2020 has been a bumpy ride of a year and when I read the words, La vie est belle, I wondered what has been beautiful about life this year. For me, it has been a year where I hit rock bottom. I experienced the most disappointments and the least human connection this year. I couldn’t bring myself to write anything for the past two months because of how bumpy it has been for me. I needed the space.

I know that it was not just me. It was me and a truckload of others who have felt the worst in this year. So I wonder, what is beautiful about life and especially now?

Maybe, life indeed is beautiful and all I needed was just a change of perspective. I recently started learning graphics design and I have been taught a great deal about perspectives. Perspectives are simply your outlook on life. Do you choose to see a glass half empty or a glass half full? That’s your perspective.

2020 may have been a year of downturns and deaths and violence, but it was also a time of growth too. I may not have excelled in the places I wanted to, but I have grown unconsciously in areas of my life I never imagined. So maybe, life is beautiful.

I would say I levelled up in my skill acquisition and in my relationship with God. So maybe the beauty of life is in choosing to count one’s little wins amidst disappointments, or simply breathing through the pain and grief as you regain stability. It may just be the little things that make sense in your life, or the positive affirmations you feed your life with. Or even the people who are still around you. Maybe, that’s life’s beauty.

So, I agree. Life is beautiful. I hope you feel understood as you read this, and I hope you’ll be a little bit kinder to yourself as we go into 2021. I hope your perspective changes, and that your life is filled with so much peace and laughter. You’re doing great right where you are, even if all you’re doing is breathing.

La vie est belle, I hope you see it too.

Happy December❤.

5 thoughts on “La Vie Est Belle – Life is Beautiful

  1. Indeed!

    Counting the little wins we had makes us realise happiness, joy and laughter.

    Life is beautiful!

    Happy December!


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