Life can be amazing when you have the right combination. A relationship with God just gives you a reason to get up and keep going every single day. When you add music to the equation, your life can just get better!

Some days, you just don’t feel in the mood to get out of bed, you feel so grumpy or moody and you just want to sleep through the day. Listening to songs that feed your soul with God’s word and encouragement can turn a bad morning into a great day. Here are 7 songs to start your day with!

  1. Promises – Maverick City: What better way is there than to start your day being reminded of God’s faithfulness towards you? I have been so blessed by this particular song and I’m sure you would too. Check it out on YouTube
  2. Run to the Father – Cody Carnes: This song is perfect for those periods where it feels like everything is at its worst. This song has helped me realise that I cannot help myself, so instead of worrying, I just run to the Father. Check it out here
  3. No Bondage – Jubilee Worship: The moment I heard this song, I totally fell in love! This has been my jam for the past mornings, and I have been loving every moment. The words are just right for your personal declaration and confession. There is no doubt that this is perfect for you. Check it out here
  4. The Blessing – Elevation Worship: God’s blessings are from generation to generation and that is the message of this song. Anytime I listen to this song, I am left in awe of how God’s love does not end with me, but also extends to my generation. Isn’t that amazing? Starting your day with a powerful song as this makes you aware of the blessings of God in your life. Check it out here
  5. Who You Say I Am – Hillsong Worship: Having doubts about whom you are? This song alleviates your doubts and elevates your faith in God about whom He says you are. This song gets you, lol. So check it out here
  6. Cycles – Jonathan McReynolds ft. DOE: “I’m not going in cycles” No, I’m not! You need to listen to this song at least five mornings a week! It’s a constant reminder for you to refuse to be trapped in loops by bad habits. As God’s child, you have been made free from every cycle. Believe it and check out this amazing song here
  7. God’s Got It – J. Moss: Yo! I saved MY BEST for last! I love this song so much and it’s been my jam since 2018. Listening to this song in the mornings prepares me for whatever may come at me during the day. I know that God has got it, whatever it is. I know that God is in control of everything that concerns me, just as He is in control of your life. This song would definitely give you the morale you need to go out and face the day! Check it out here

Believe me, these jams are going to get your mind ready to conquer the day. If you enjoyed the songs above, like this post, comment your favourite, share, then follow! Lol.


2 thoughts on “7 Songs To Start Your Day!

  1. Two of my favourites are on this list. I absolutely love The Blessing and Who You Say I Am.

    The other two, three, five lol I’ll be adding are : Atmosphere Shift by Phil Thompson, Centre of Your Love and Defender both by Jesus Culture, Holy Spirit by Francesca Battiselli and In Christ Alone by Adrienne Leisching.

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