Hello guys! I hope you all are doing great! It’s been a pretty rough July but I can say that through it all, God has been faithful! Today, I have a word and a story for you. Stay reading till the end😉!

Recently, my Dad and I were talking and he made a statement about people being so afraid of situations that they tend to die from the fear of what’s facing them rather than the actual situation. Well, it struck a core within me, and made me remember an episode I had as a child (I can’t remember how old, but I guess I was 9.)

So I had this friend at school whom I’d call Rebecca. We lived in the same street, so we usually went home together after school. Our friendship continued until one day, she said something shocking. Before then, I had never been that afraid in the entire nine years I had lived at that time. She said that she was a witch, and that she had presented me and another of our classmate, Amaka, to her kingdom. (whaatt!?) I thought she was joking o, that was how she went further to talk about how she had represented us with cows, and that we’d be killed at 12am the next day.

Wait! What?

‘What was this one talking about?’ was what was going through my mind. But this girl was so serious that I went to report to our class teacher. Aunty Pat took the matter to the Head mistress, and it was scheduled to be handled the next day, so we were sent home. But that did not make me calm. I took my siblings and rushed home, but I did not go in. I couldn’t go in. Nine year old me was thinking about how I’d die that night. Not funny at all o.

I sat at my neighbour’s shop until my parents came back, and in tears, I told them. I was so unsettled and afraid that I didn’t eat dinner. At 11:30pm, my family came out to do special prayer for me on a school night (which was very rare) and it was after that that I was able to sleep. Though in my mind’s eye, I still saw cows being slaughtered, boy was I happy to be awake that morning!

At school, the three of us were called to the assembly podium, and I was asked to read out from a children’s book about a girl who begs for oranges from a stranger and then has an orange tree grow out of her head. Lol! (I have forgotten the name, but if you have an idea, let me know in the comments section below.)

The insinuation of that action was that Amaka and I begged for things from Rebecca, and that way, she initiated us. Very funny! As a child, I knew about those stuff, so I never begged. Rebecca may have had something going on with her, and she decided to just mess us up. She was flogged and we were dismissed. However, I avoided her from that day.

My point is that as human beings, we tend elevate fear over faith! I was a child who believed that she had been transformed into a cow to be slaughtered. I think about it now, and I marvel at how gullible I was. If that had happened to me as an adult, I may have done better than cry myself to sleep.

As individuals, we should learn to choose faith over fear. There are many things that are uncertain in our world today, and choosing to constantly be afraid will not solve them! Instead, choosing to believe and have faith in God is how we overcome storms in life.

God’s word says we are strengthened to do all things, to go through life through Christ who loves us. So, it doesn’t matter what might be facing you, choose faith over today.

4 thoughts on “Faith over Fear😎

  1. I have a similar experience😂

    Mine happened in secondary school and the details are sort of sketchy but I remember that anything she said would happen to you always happened. She never invoked death on any of us though…

    But people fell sick on her words (or so we thought), they got well on the day she predicted their recovery. Cats appeared and disappeared at her calling😂

    It’s all so funny now but mehn, then it was really scary.

    Our school had to deboard her and expel her when as a day student she was still a terror.


  2. I remember this day very vividly!
    I remember, I cried with you until the woman (Big mummy) living in the house in front of ours told us that we were not serious, that she was disappointed that we were crying instead of praying and rebuking such. After that, I realized we were being foolish, I prayed and started reassuring you that nothing was going to happen and the girl was just stupid.
    Faith over Fear ❤️🙌🏻

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